This is a re-branding project of the Toronto Public Library, the largest public library system in Canada. The design objective was to construct a corporate identity that aligned with the organization’s values and evolving role in the community. Additionally, the identity would appeal to the most frequent users of the library, which are youth ages 10-19 and adults 20-34 years of age.

This visually powerful and iconic corporate identity resonates with the Toronto Public Library’s vision to become the most recognized library in the world. The identity reinforces the library as a relevant and energetic space in an evolving technological and cultural landscape, and recognizes that the experiences of learning and human connection are timeless. The library has evolved to be more focused on the implementation of community-building and education focused programs as well as the accessibility services. The Toronto Public Library has integrated digital innovation hubs and technology training programs to engage the community and provide increasingly advanced tools for learning and creation. The library is also evolving into an urban social space, to encourage collaboration and relationship building between members of the community.

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